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Find ideas here for motivational, math, reading, birthday, music, P.E. and more bulletin boards. Many are printable.

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Bulletin Boards and Room Decoration Ideas


*Please note*  Most "Back to School" boards are on the "Back to School Bulletin Boards" page      Holiday or special day boards are listed under the holiday.



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á Motivational Bulletin Boards

_ All Stars Three files allstars1     allstars2  allstars3 Just cut out the parts from allstars1, choose and cut the grade level (k, 1, 2, or3) Run as many pages of stars (allstars3) as you have students (two to a page) Put all on a dark blue or black background. Click on the thumbnail to see a full sized picture (by A. Smith)



Spelling Stars Use this banner with the stars above to recognize students who reach a specified goal on their spelling test. You could set up individual goals for each student or for the class. I put a banner like this one up, then enlarged a picture of Snoopy on his doghouse looking at the stars. (by A. Smith)



Go for the Gold Bulletin Board - Banner  -    Incentive Cards

Click the thumbnail to view a larger picture (by A. Smith)





Grow in Grace Board - Banner(3 Peter 3:18a) You will also need the labels and pictures that go with the banner - grow 2   grow3   grow4 Click the thumbnail to see a larger picture. (design - A. Smith)



Run the Race with Perseverence Bulletin Board-
Banner - "...and let us run with patience the race that is set before us." Hebrews 12:1b KJV
  Same banner NIV      Running Shoes    Running Nameplates  Use on bulletin board or on desks  Picture of a Group of Runners (Click thumbnail to see a large view of the board - design - A. Smith)

Go for the Gold Banner  Use this for an olympic bulletin board or other incentive (by Audrey Smith)




Healthy Habits for a New Year Banner Same as above without year



Look Who's Climbing High by Janet Olson



Check Your Work Posters Great, colorful posters with reminders to students on things to check before handing in work from



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Reading and Other Language Arts Bulletin Boards

Word Family Flower Garden Interactive Bulletin Board from


Some Great Reading Boards These are listed as library boards but can be used in any classroom from


Use These Cute Figures for a reading bulletin board or book display


Reading Helps Your Mind Bloom A beautiful board from Margaret Puszka


Reading Bulletin Board Ideas Several ideas here from


Slide Into a Good Book (penguins)


Soar with Guidewords by Betsy Copeland


Spelling Stars Use this banner with these stars to recognize students who reach a specified goal on their spelling test. You could set up individual goals for each student or for the class - by A. Smith



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Math Bulletin Boards


Shape Collages The first board on this page from


Fishin' For Addition from


Jump Into Math from


Cooking With Math from



Science Bulletin Boards


Butterfly Life Cycle from



Social Studies and History Bulletin Boards


The Three Branches of Government


Where In The World Are You From on Pinterest by Sarah Perez



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Back to School Bulletin Boards 


Birthday Boards and Displays



Happy Birthday Banner


Birthday Balloons Use these balloons with the happy birthday banner above for a birthday board. Run off a balloon for each child in your class. Write their name on it and attach a piece of yarn. You can use these months  by A. Smith





Happy Birthday Bear Board  Use the Happy Birthday Banner , Bear with months on it  January   February     March     April     May   June     July     August     September  October    November    December and Nameplates    (5 to a page)

by A. Smith



Birthday Chart  August - January (4 sheets)    February - July (4 sheets) Trim sheets and glue or tape together.   Borders for Names (10 to a sheet) Write names in borders and attach for each month. Write the date of the birthday in the date column. Assembling Directions  by A. Smith

Printable Months (blue)


More Birthday Balloons from Canon Creative Park  Each balloon is a full page and the child's name can be written on them.


Ideas for Birthday Boards from


A Star was Born This board idea is from the site above. I have made a banner, printable months Jan. - April May - Aug., Sept. - Dec.  and stars (to put the students names on) Just put up the banner, the present month, and students names who have a birthday in that month


Birthday Cakes for Each Month of the Year Print out a birthday cake for each month and put the children's names on the candles. This is from Enchanted Learning



Some months to use on your birthday board are here These are from Jan Brett's web site



Birthday Chart from Jan Brett A printable birthday chart for each season. There is room for thirty names on each chart


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Library Bulletin Boards


Library Bulletin Boards


Some Library Bulletin Board Ideas from


Bulletin Boards and Displays  Several board ideas to use in the library or classroom to promote reading


Computer Use Bulletin Boards



Ideas for Computer Lab Bulletin Boards from Just click on a photo


Watch Out for Computer Bugs Bulletin Board by Jose Goray


Computer Keyboard Bulletin Board from Teach the Bits and Bytes


Computer Shortcuts Board from


Google Search Literacy Lessons


Music Class Bulletin Boards


Sing to the Lord a New Song


Music is a Treat This could be copied and put into a poster program to enlarge it. Finished bulletin board is here from


Music is Related to Other Subjects  from


Making Music Together   from


Boomwhacker Clip-Art Critters and Coloring Pages  These are for the music room. These are from


Ode to Fifth Grade This is a clever and nice looking board with the students' names on the beginning notes of "Ode to Joy". This was made by Susan Latino


Art Bulletin Boards


Art Words Bulletin Boards The idea is good. I would put some pictures of art elements in it like paints, brushes, etc. This is from


Articulate Board This is from


Art Bulletin Board Ideas from



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PE/Health Bulletin Boards


We can't Wait to March Into PE A cute PE board for the month of March from


Healthy Hearts from This could be used in a nurses office also


Train-ing in PE


Healthy Habits for a New Year Banner Put this on a bulletin board and put things under it as you wish. This could include healthy habits in general, or healthy study habits, or healthy habits for Christian living, such as pray, read your Bible, attend church, love others, and trust God from A. Smith


Brush Up on These Facts from


Math in P.E.  (turns) from


A Huge List of Boards for Health and PE  from PE Central



Kindergarten and Preschool Bulletin Boards

My Favorite Color is.....  A cute and easy idea when children are learning colors. This is from


Bulletin Boards for Preschool and Kindergarten These are from



School Nurse Bulletin Boards

Stop the Spread of Germs from


Follow the Path to Injury Protection from


Zipcode for Health from


Shield Yourself from Disease from


Healthy Habits in for a New Year  List and  put pictures of healthy habits with this banner on a bulletin board by A. Smith


American Heart Month  Eat well and exercise from


Seasonal Boards

Fall Bulletin Boards


Winter Bulletin Boards


Spring Bulletin Boards


Summer Bulletin Boards


*Note - For holiday boards go to the holidays page and look at the menu at the top of the page



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