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Church and Christian School Bulletin Boards

Find ideas for school bulletin boards, calendars, murals, door decoration, borders, birthday displays, and other room decoration. Many are printable.

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*Please note*  Most "Back to School" boards are on the "Back to School" page   Holiday or special day boards are listed under the holiday.


Church and Christian School  Bulletin Boards


Grow in Grace Board - Banner(3 Peter 3:18a) You will also need the labels and pictures that go with the banner - grow 2   grow3   grow4  (design - A. Smith)









This "Sing for Joy" bulletin board has Psalm 69:30 NIV  KJV in the center. The banner can be downloaded here.

The hymn "Come, Christians, Join to Sing" can be downloaded here. Other graphics for board  graphics1 graphics2     graphics3 Use your own choir or musical group photo(s. Click thumbnail for a larger view




Run the Race with Perseverence Bulletin Board
Banner - "...and let us run with patience the race that is set before us." NIV or same banner   KJV
      Running Shoes    Running Nameplates  Use on bulletin board or on desks  Picture of a Group of Runners (Click thumbnail to see a large view of the board - design - A. Smith)


New Years Bulletin Board Idea Forgetting those things which are behind.... Use pictures that illustrate your purpose for the board. Here are three files you can print to help you make your board. file1    file2    file3    file4 (2015)  Click on the small photo above to view a larger photo. (design - A. Smith)


Missions Bulletin Board - Two banners to download for this board. Use your own pictures.Proclaiming Christ banner    At home and around the world banner  Globe


Spring Bulletin Board  Use one of these spring banners "...He changeth the times and the seasons..." from Daniel 2:21a Three page banners   KJV    NIV,    Four page banners KJV    NIV Add some Lilacs and Butterflies   and  spring pictures . Click the thumbnail to see a larger picture of the bulletin board  (design - A. Smith)


Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart Printable Bulletin Board Banner     

 I am thankful for... (2 to a page - print enough for your school class or Sunday School class)  Pumpkin / Happy Thanksgiving     Cornucopia  (design - A. Smith)


 Reformation and Martin Luther Bulletin Board -
The Reformation Banner/Header                A picture of Martin Luther      A picture of the Bible  Things Martin Luther did 
(small files - two on an 8.5x11 page) Translate the Bible into German & Authorship of Hymns             Fewer Sacraments & Approval of Clerical Marriage             Emphasis on Salvation by Faith   Same files as above but two 8.5x11  pages for each one. Five files.    file1    file 2    file 3         file 4     file 5  The ideas and information for this board were taken from the unit study A (Unit Study on the Reformation This is from Core Knowledge and is for grade 5) Click the thumbnail to see a larger picture. (design - A. Smith)


A four page poster of 2 Timothy 1:7 that can be used by itself or on a bulletin board






God Keeps His Promises Printable Bulletin Board This goes along with the Bible story about God's promise to Abram. Download and print these pdf files. Abram (one sheet) Abram (four sheets)   promises1   promises2   promises3   promises4    promises5 Use a blue background. Put Abrams picture on the bottom left or top left.  Put large stars with the words on them on the center of the board. Fill in with smaller colored stars. This goes along with this craft - God Keeps His Promises Wall Hanging


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Bulletin Boards and Banners About Love


Tablónes de Anuncios
Ideas creativas para los tablónes de anuncios cristianos que alumbran el salón de los niños en la Escuelita Bíblica



Christian Bulletin Boards These ideas are from Kids Sunday School Place


Thanks Dad A Fathers Day Bulletin Board idea for church or school (by A. Smith)

Nursery Bulletin Board Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me, Me, Me found on down. Check out the archive for more boards

Christian School or Church Bulletin Board Ideas A variety of ideas here with photos of the bulletin boards


Church and Sunday School Bulletin Boards  There are a variety of boards here with photos


Halls, Walls, and Bulletin Boards This is from Garden of Praise


Clip Art and Banners by Phillip Martin for Non-profit Use Look at #22 - 98



*Also check each holiday for more church and Christian School boards - Thanksgiving  - Christmas Easter - Valentines Day  Check the holidays page for more holidays.




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