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This page contains links to templates, forms, nametags, sticker charts, calendars, and other printables and timesavers for teachers.

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Templates and Forms

Useful Templates A variety of useful templates for teachers. Everything from reading logs, lesson plan template, Dolch words, hundreds chart, and more from


Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form You need Word 2007 or later. There are a number of other forms available from microsoft listed on the left side of the page


Field Trip Permission Form You need Word 2007 or later


Interactive Lesson Planner from Jan Brett. Scroll down and click on Lesson Planner


Homework Forms Scroll down on the left side and click on Homework Form.  Many other useful forms here also (from Busy Teacher Cafe)


Lesson Plan Page  Scroll down and click a link under Lesson Plans. Just fill out and print (from Busy Teacher Cafe)


Excel Lesson Plan Template (from teachnet)


Power Tools This page is from Teachnet and has links to ideas and services that simplify your job


All Kinds of Printable Forms for classroom management from Busy Teacher Cafe. Scroll down on the right hand side of the page


Weekly Class Attendance Form You need Excel 2007 or later. This is from Microsoft. com templates


Classroom News Templates Use these templates to make and send weekly, monthly, and other news. This is from

Printable Lesson Plan Form Scroll down to General Forms/Notes.This is from Other forms available on this page also

Gradebook Based on Averages A Microsoft template. It requires Excel 2003 or later

Gradebook Based on Percentages A Microsoft template. It requires Excel 2003 or later

Gradebook Based on Points A Microsoft template. It requires Excel 2003 or later

Microsoft Newsletter Templates A large number of templates for Word or Publisher  from which to choose

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Graphic Organizers

KWL Chart from


Make a Venn Diagram with Lines  from



Plain Venn Diagram from

SQ3R Worksheet from


Graphic Organizers All kinds of free graphic organizers at this site (

Nametags, Center Signs, Calendars, Calendar Numbers, and other Teacher Timesavers

Welcome to ________ Sign A sign for your door. You write the grade level

A Welcome to Kindergarten Sign  1st Grade  2nd Grade  3rd Grade   4th Grade   5th Grade           (2 pages)

Printable Lesson Plan Form  This is from

DLTK Back to School Printables  DLTK has a large number of back to school printables, such as coloring pages, doorknob hangers, treat bags, and worksheets.

 Also check the Classroom Management page

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Printable Miscellaneous Room Decoration


Helping Hands Job Chart (with jobs)(22 X 17 - 4 sheets) and Name Plates for the chart.  Chart without jobs (write in your own jobs)  If you have more than 6 jobs, just print sheets 3 and 4 again          Assembling Directions


Days of the Week Poster 8.5 X 11 inches

Free Printables from Scholastic A variety of printables here, including activities, clip art and more

Up, Up, and Away Giraffe Growth Chart This wall or bulletin board chart could be used for a variety of purposes such as "Growing Tall With Books." 

Jan Brett's Numbers Beautiful numbers to put up in your classroom. Just download and print

Jan Brett's Alphabet to download and print in Cursive, Manuscript, or Modern Manuscript

Jan Brett's Alphabet Poster (4 sheets)

Jan Brett's Alphabet with Manual Signs

Bookworm Pattern This cute pattern from DLTK can be printed in black and white or color

My Counting Caterpillar  Count the days of the school year by one's, two's, five's, and ten's with this caterpillar.

Printable Months (blue)

Bible Calendar Numbers Bible Calendar Numbers for the whole year from

Free "I Can't - Yet" Poster to download and print

Free Printable Posters from Activity Village

Jan Brett's Color Words

Jan Brett's High Frequency Word Lists

Jan Brett's Phonograms

Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag Poster

Pledge to the Christian Flag Poster

Borders and Trimmers

Birthday Bulletin Boards and Charts



Rubrics and Checklists

Student Writing Rubrics (for grades 2 - 5) From


Rubric  A rubric for assessing student's animal reports. This could be adapted for other types of assignments. This is from


Project Based Learning Rubric You need Word 2013 or later for this template from microsoft


Create A Project Checklist Create a project checklist for writing, science, oral presentation, or multimedia for different grade levels Search This Site

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Miscellaneous Teacher Timesavers

Multiple Choice Test Template (3 answers) You need Word 97 or later

Test Templates Different types of test templates from Microsoft

True or False Test You need Word 2003 or later

Kubbu An e-learning tool designed to facilitate teachers' work and enhance the learning process. Create activities, crosswords or quizzes and make them available online, and more. (Requires free registration)

Weekly Reading Chart This is from Chart Jungle. Scroll down and click on Reading Chart (weekly)  (on the left)

Monthly Reading Chart  This is from Chart Jungle. Scroll down and click on Reading Chart (monthly) (on the left)

Classroom Newsletter You need Word 2003 or later

School Newsletter You need Word 2003 or later

Conference Planner and Record You need Word 2007 or later

Good News Report You need Word 2003 or later

Classroom Materials Sign-Out Sheet You need Word 2007 or later

Class Rules Slide Show (elementary) You will need PowerPoint 2013 or later

Personal Education Press This is a great timesaver. You can make printable flashcards, bingo boards, word lists, quizzes, word search, word scramble, or big signs with this tool. This is from

Button Magnets When I was teaching, I never had enough magnets. Use this cute idea to make magnets from those buttons you have around, or buy them from craft stores. This idea is from

Substitute Teacher Instructions You need Word 2003 or later



Other Miscellaneous Freebies from the Internet

Fun Printables for the Classroom from including certificates, play money, lined paper, bookmarks, and more

Free Volunteer Posters Print off some of these great volunteer posters and place in your classroom or other areas around your school

*Also check the Back to School page and the Bulletin Board page for more Teacher Timesavers



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