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You'll find links to puppets, puppet patterns, paper bag puppets, sock puppets, hand puppets, and scripts on this page.

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Make Bag Puppets

Animal Bag Puppets


Make an Owl Puppet   I don't have a pattern but these were easy to put together - construction paper triangles and circles for the face, button or circles for eyes, furry felt bellies and pipe  cleaner feet, and fall leaves for wings. There is no pattern for this puppet, but it consists mainly of triangles, an oval, feet, and leaves. You can use real leaves or construction paper leaves using a pattern such as this one from This puppet is from Amy Glassenberg's blog. 



Owl and Turtle Puppets  These cute puppets are from Origami n' Stuff 4 Kids. Scroll down on page


Elephant Puppet from


Hippo Puppet from



Make a Cow Puppet This is from


Bear Puppet  This is from


Spring Animal Puppets  by Catherine Romano. These are cute puppets for kids to make. Use colored bags for bright colored puppets.

Make a Polar Bear Puppet Learn about the polar bear and make a polar bear puppet. Made by Susan Teel


Animal Puppets to Make Make an elephant, cat, monkey, and a bunny puppet (and more). Instructions and patterns to download at


Frog Bag Puppet and eight other animal puppets from Scroll down


Spider Bag Puppet from


Make Paper Bag Puppets Several animal bag puppet ideas at this site. (no patterns)From

Paper Bag Puppets from DLTK 24 different paper bag puppets at this site. Most are animals and are printable in color or black and white


Dog, Pig, and Lion Bag Puppets These cute puppets are from with printable parts


Dog Puppet There are also several other animal puppets here including a goat, beaver, horse, and duck. These are  from


Boomer Bear Puppet from Janice's Daycare


Bunny Puppet  from


Pretty Peacock Puppet This cute puppet is from Pacon


Bird Paper Bag Puppet These are really cute. We did these with kids when we were on a mission trip. I glued the feathers on ahead of time after realizing that the feathers fly all over the place and would be hard to clean up. These are from


Little Red Hen, Cat, Dog, and Mouse Bag Puppets This pattern is from


Beaver Paper Bag Puppet This is from


Panda Puppet from Pacon


Moose Paper Bag Puppet This is from


Butterfly Bag Puppet  This is a cute butterfly puppet from


Butterfly Puppet Bags More cute butterfly puppets from Crayola (no pattern) These are really cute and kids can be quite creative with these


Lamb Bag Puppet This is from


Other Bag Puppets


Boy Puppet    Girl Puppet   Add arms and clothes to these puppets if you wish. Also print in black and white for children to color. Boy (bw)  Girl (bw)These same puppets with Pilgrim hats are here.  ©Audrey Smith


Scarecrow Puppet Children can color the scarecrow.

These are ©Audrey Smith


heart bag puppet


Make a Heart Puppet Audrey Smith


Snowman Paper Bag Puppet This puppet is from You could use this puppet to teach shapes since it uses rectangles, squares, circles and triangles for the parts.


Paper Bag Puppets Imagination is the keyword! Puppets can be anything: people, animals, or made-up creatures.These are from Silicon Valley Art Museum



Make Sock Puppets


Make a Cute Giraffe sock Puppet This is from


A Turtle Sock Puppet The directions aren't real clear, but you can see from the picture what to do. A pattern is available here. Print and enlarge.


Sock Puppet Ideas  Some cute sock puppet ideas here. These are from


How to Make a Sock Puppet  These are really cute sock puppets and are easy to make. They use ping pong balls for eyes









Make Hand Puppets



Homemade Hand Puppets A clever way to make hand puppets from krokatak


Pattern for a Simple Hand Puppet Make this puppet out of felt or fun foam. This is from 


Bunny and Chick Hand Puppets from


Ladybug, Dragonfly, or Bumblebee Puppet These cute puppet patterns are from They are made from Fun Foam





Make Stick Puppets


Bunny and Chick Stick Puppet from


Leaf Stick Puppet This would be a cute fall project when the leaves are turning. This is from


Puppets on a Stick This idea is from


Chicken Little Puppets from Accu Cut. If you don't have the die cut shapes, find pictures on the internet to use. Print on card stock


Gingerbread Man Puppet from Accu Cut


Chinese Dragon Puppet  This is an easy version


How To Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet (video) A little more difficult version. If students are making this, I would use tacky glue instead of a hot glue gun




Make Finger Puppets


Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets These are really cute and are from  You just need pipe cleaners, various size pompons, wiggle eyes, and a glue gun


Butterfly Finger Puppets These pretty finger puppets are easy to make and each one will be colorful and different. These are from Crayola


Finger Puppets from Enchanted Learning


Cute Animal Finger Puppets This is a Japanese site and may need translation. Click on the first pdf links under the second row of pictures for patterns and the pdf files below those for diagrams and folding instructions. The pattern will probably have to be enlarged after printing These look like they would have to be made by an adult


Elephant Finger Puppet from Crayola



Make Marionettes



Puppy Marionette from




Make Shadow Puppets



Hand Shadow Puppets (free downloadable book) If you've ever wondered how to make some shadow figures on a movie screen or wall, this book is for you. It has drawings of the hand positions for different animals and people. This is from


Other Puppets, or Sites with Several Kinds of Puppets to Make


Spoon Puppets This is an easy way to make a puppet from


Make a Rod Puppet


A "How To" Kit for Puppet Making This pdf file from has instructions for making basic hand puppets, sock puppets, stick puppets, paper bag puppets, and finger puppets


Puppets and Marionettes A variety of ideas for puppets at




Puppet Patterns to Sew (these are not free)


Bible Puppet Dot Com  Purchase an inexpensive puppet pattern and ebook here. A variety of puppets can be made from one pattern. Click download for information about purchasing a pattern



Puppet Scripts

Not all of the scripts on these sites may be suitable for your church or ministry. I do not have time to read all scripts all the way through. Please read scripts carefully.


Bible Based Scripts


Noah's Story by Ray Bradley


Noah and the Ark by Luanne Payne on


Free Puppet Scripts Search by word or phrase. This is from


Puppet Scripts from 


Puppet Resources  Puppet Scripts by category at


Free Puppet Scripts from CCES (on the right)



Secular Scripts


Stone Soup from PBS


Readers Theater Scripts from


Puppet Scripts from Legends and Lore



Puppet Stage Links

PVC Puppet Stage Detailed directions for making a puppet stage that can be transported. This is from

How To Build a Collapsible PVC Puppet Stage from

A Doorway Puppet Stage This is an easy way to make a stage for classroom use and small puppets. It can be put up and taken down easily. Simply put an adjustable shower curtain or tension rod across a doorway. Tighten, and hang a sheet or dark material over the rod.


A Tablecloth Puppet Stage - We went on a Mission Trip this past summer and used sock puppets and a plastic tablecloth for a stage. Two people held the cloth as there was no place to tie it. We did put eyelets around the out side edges just in case we could tie it to something. We also carried some thin rope to use if needed. It worked well and was easy to carry

Other Puppet Resources 

20 Ways to use a Puppet Some excellent ideas for using puppets in a variety of ways. These ideas are from


Puppet Resource Center A great site with a variety of ideas on making and using puppets. This is from


Puppets Help Teach A Memory Verse Twenty ways a puppet can help teach a memory verse



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