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On this page you will find back to school  and parent night bulletin boards and displays as well as job charts, classroom rules, and other classroom decor.



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Note* If any part of a board does not print correctly, please let me know. Contact me so that I can correct the problem. Sometimes pdf files become corrupted and need to be replaced. Thanks!


Free School Days Clip Art from Philip Martin Bright, cheery clip art to brighten up your classroom and newsletters.


Welcome Back This banner is 3 and a half sheets and has two Philip Martin pictures on it


Welcome Back to School Large, colorful banner (5 pages)



Welcome Sign - Large Individual Letters  W  E   L   C   O   M   E      in black with red trim.  Print and cut out each letter on cardstock and attach to  the wall or large bulletin board. It could look something like this



Welcome to Kindergarten vertical Banner (about 27 in. tall) Just print and trim top edge of pages 2 and 3. Line up and glue pages together. Write teachers name on last sheet and place banner on or next to door (by Audrey Smith)



Welcome to 1st Grade vertical Banner 

(about 27 in. tall) Just print and trim top edge of pages 2 and 3. Line up and glue pages together. Write teachers name on last sheet and place banner on or next to door (by Audrey Smith)  2nd Grade    3rd Grade     4th Grade      5th Grade




Print classroom rules on one 8.5x11 sheet or print on four sheets.

One sheet    Four sheets









Recipe for a Great School Year  All parts of this board can be downloaded and printed. Download each file, print, cut, and back with colored paper.


File 1     File2     File3     File4  


File 5     File 6    File7 Click the thumbnail to see a larger picture of the board

Welcome To Our Space space theme bulletin board welcome to our space banner. You will also need the following files astronaut     spaceship and rocket    name plates for board (5 to a page)    alien in spaceship and astronaut(clip art by Phillip Martin)
Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture



Leap into ____ grade bulletin board

Leap Into ____ Grade All parts of this bulletin board can be downloaded. All you have to do is put up a background, print and cut out the parts, fill in space with grade level graphic, write names on lily pads and put everything on the board. 

Download the 5 files below.

Frog    Banner Heading   Lily Pads

Grade Levels (1st - 4th)   Water Lilies 

Small Frogs to add to lily pads (12 per sheet) Frog Incentive Charts

Frog Name Tags  Small Frog Labels (Avery 5160) (by Audrey Smith)




All Stars bulletin board_ Grade All Stars Bulletin Board Three files allstars1  allstars2 (k-3rd grade) allstars3   allstars4 (4th & 5th grade)Just cut out the parts from allstars1, choose and cut the grade level (k, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,) Run as many pages of stars (allstars3) as you have students (two to a page) Put all on a dark blue or black background. Make smaller stars to use as nametags. Or use these Star Shipping Labels.  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture (from A. Smith)



Spelling Stars Banner Use this banner with the stars above. Set spelling goals for the class or for individual children to reach in their weekly spelling test. Put on blue background

Flying Into a New Year bulletin boardFlying Into A New School Year (banner) or Soaring in a New School Year  (banner) Make a bulletin board or door decoration using the banner and balloons or airplanes as follows Large hot-air balloons 1    2      3     4  Small balloons for students names or Airplanes for students names (two to a page).


Small balloons in black and white for students to color     Hot Air Balloon Nametags These can be printed on shipping labels (from A. Smith)


Run the Race with Perseverence Bulletin Board
Banner - "...and let us run with patience the race that is set before us." Hebrews 12:1b KJV
  Same banner NIV             Running Shoes    Running Nameplates    Use on bulletin board or on desks  Picture of a Group of Runners (Click thumbnail to see a large view of the board - design - A. Smith)


Welcome To Our School bulletin board

Welcome To Our School Door Decoration or Bulletin BoardBanner (3 sheets)  Black and white Fish1 (lg)  Fish2   to be colored. Suggestion - Run on different colors of card stock and let the children decorate them with markers. The fish can also be used as nametags. Cover door or bulletin board with blue paper. Print, trim, and assemble banner. Print fish on various colored sheets - as many as you need for your class. Cut them out. Write students names on fish and attach to blue paper on the door or bulletin board. Add tan package wrapping paper on the bottom of board for sand, and then add other sea creatures You also might want to use these Fish Tank Reward Charts in keeping with the theme. Scroll about 2/3 of the way down the page. More fish can be downloaded from Philip Martin's free Fish Clipart


New Printable Board!Welcome to our School as a school hallway board - Banner (Same as above but has 5 sheets) Additional files for a large bulletin board - Fish with grade level below each - grade1   grade2   grade3   grade4   grade5   grade6   grade7   grade8   Other sea creatures or plants file1   file2   file3   file4  


BeeWelcome To Our Hive Door Decoration or Bulletin Board Print out the large bees nameplates and banner . Enlarge  hive pattern (use an overhead projector) or print this large hive  (9 sheets around 21x30in.)If using for a bulletin board, keep hive in one piece. If using for a door, cut as in example hereWords to add to door  Bee Nametags These can be printed on shipping labels


Look Who Is Popping Into Our Class Door Decoration or Bulletin Board  print out the banner,  popcorn machine (one page) Write student's names on the name plates.  small popcorn (four to a page) and box of popcorn or bowl of popcorn. Click the thumbnail to view a larger photo

Sharp Students in Room An easy to make back to school board. Here is a large pencil  (new banner - 3 sheets) to use on a board like this. Instead of Room, I would put the grade level. You can use these.  In Gr.1 - 5 black               In Gr.K - 4 blue  or  Gr.K-3    Gr.4-5  The idea is from


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Keys to a Great Year bulletin board

Keys To A Great Year Bulletin Board              The banner for this board is here. The keys are here - Keys 1   Keys 2     Keys 3 (There are 2 keys to a sheet  - Listen, Work Hard, Respect Others, Follow Directions, and Do Your Best) Back to School Picture Put other pictures or photos of children listening, working, etc. Click on board for a larger picture

Go for the Gold Bulletin Board (from A. Smith) - Banner  -    Incentive Cards (You could use gold stars on the cards). 
You can also use
gold medals and ribbons
next to student names for a beginning of the year board. Click on thumbnail for a larger picture.

Add Olympic Rings  with the words Listen, Work Hard, Respect Others, Follow Directions, and Do Your Best printed in the circles

Large Gold Medal This is for a bulletin board

Small medals  Gold    Silver     Bronze    Ribbons for the medals


Make a Counting Caterpillar Instructions and downloadable files to make a Counting Caterpillar. Count by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's. Use to teach even and odd numerals. Click photo for a larger image

A Great Line-Up bulletin board
A Great Line-Up     Use this shirt -
 A large one page t-shirt pattern      A small t-shirt pattern is at this location (two on each page)This board idea is from Alachua County Public Schools website.
Welcome to Our Hang-Out    Use this  small  t-shirt pattern.
You can also string a line across the room, have the children decorate the t-shirts to tell something about themselves. Attach the shirts to the line with clothespins


Let's Get Acquainted bulletin boardLet's Get Acquainted (Crossword Puzzle Board) You could have a clue for each name. You might use a crossword puzzle maker to make a small puzzle first with your student's names. You can find one here. Choose Criss-cross puzzle. Twenty, two inch squares are here! Print on card stock. Lay out large squares in the shape of your puzzle. Tape them together and attach to the board. Have a clue sheet with across clues and down clues. Tell something about each person in the clues.This is a great board idea for grades 4 - 8 and is from Alachua County Public Schools website



Healthy Habits for a New School Year (banner) Labels (eat right, exercise, get enough rest, and just say no) Photos to go with labels. This would be a good beginning of year board for the school nurse or for the P.E. or classroom teacher teaching a health unit



Grow in Grace bulletin board

Grow in Grace Board - Banner(3 Peter 3:18a) You will also need the labels and pictures that go with the banner - grow 2   grow3   grow4



puzzle template We All Fit Together -  Each child decorates a piece of the puzzle. Blow up this puzzle(30 pieces) with an overhead projector and outline the pieces on posterboard. Cut out the pieces and have students decorate and sign them. Put the puzzle together for open house.   16 piece template   24 piece template    a 35 piece template  Hint: Number the pieces for easy completion. You can use a larger number of pieces than students. Use the empty pieces as filler.



Welcome Back! You Fit Right In! I love this colorful puzzle board made by Susan Griffes. You could use this 24 piece template and use the four basic shapes and cut them out of colored card stock. Then use this banner for the heading.



We All Fit Together Banner Use with the above bulletin board



Apples around clock

Clock Minute Display Teach children to tell time by the hour and minute  using this apple display. Just print out and cut the apples. Attach them to the wall around your classroom clock.


Back to School Header for a bulletin board or door. (one page)


Kindergarten - Our Garden of Children (banner - 3 sheets) Use this banner to make a kindergarten bulletin board. Print off these yellow flowers (3 to a page). Take a digital picture of each child and place in the center of each flower. (Pink flowers here)


What a "Grape" Bunch of Kids Templates are included on this DLTK page as well as a printout of John 15:5


Large Apple with a Rhyme This is a cute idea. Print the rhyme as a banner found here. Print a large apple. Put each child's name on one of these apple bordered nameplates. This idea was submitted by Elizabeth Walden in Oakdale, CA. to PE Central in 2009. See original board here PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education


School is a Bushel of Fun from


Ode to Fifth Grade This is a clever and nice looking board with the students' names on the beginning notes of "Ode to Joy"


A Special Bunch from (Scroll down)



Bulletin Board, Halls, Walls, and Door Decorating Ideas from Garden of Praise (with photos)




*Also check the Bulletin Board page for more bulletin board ideas

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