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Make a Cross Card
This page has information on how to make a card that opens in the shape of a cross and has John 3:16 on it.

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Make "The Greatest Gift" Christmas Card 
(or Easter or Valentine Card)


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Print all NIV files. File1     File2     File3     File4


Print all KJV files. File1   File2 

File3    File4

Use this File4 for a Valentine Card

*Note - an Easter Cross Card is here

Print on cardstock

Cut out all files and have glue or glue stick available.Lay them out on a table in the shape of a cross.

Glue cross tabs to sides on bottom  of the top part of cross.
Glue the bottom part of the cross to the bottom of upper part.
Turn the cross over so that printing is down. Glue the square with only the copyright on it to the center part of the cross.

Turn the cross over so that the printing is up. Fold the bottom part of the cross up toward the center of the cross.
Fold again, so that the top of the fold meets the bottom of the top square.
Fold both sides of the cross toward the center.
Fold the top of the cross down.
Glue the gift picture to the folded down top.
Seal the card closed if you wish and give it to someone or use as part of a children's sermon. Use with a devotional or sermon about the The Greatest Gift of All from When they open it they will see a cross with John 3:16 on it. It is a great tool to use to present the gospel to children.

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To use other times of the year, use this file in place of file #4


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