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Language Arts Lessons This page contains links to lessons and activities for literature, reading comprehension, word and letter recognition, phonemic awareness, spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and drama.






Language Arts 



Word and Letter Recognition, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and Assessment

Word and Letter Recognition

Letters, Pictures, and Words to Print on Labels Use the menu on the left. This is from Reading Recovery of California

Printable Alphabet Posters with Pictures from kids-pages.com

Alphabet Book Covers from Jan Brett Use the Alphabet Tracers or the Coloring Alphabet Tracers for the inside

Alphabet Flashcards from Jan Brett

Alphabet Print Practice Worksheets Each page contains upper and lowercase letters. These are from beginningreading.com

More Alphabet Worksheets These are from beginningreading.com

More Alphabet Worksheets These are from beginningreading.com

Match Upper and Lower Case Letters (on bears) These could be used for a matching game or other activity. These are from kinderplans.com

Alphabet Fun Each page has a picture of the letter. They can paste on the conventional letters. These are from from kinderplans.com. Scroll down

D'Nealian Printing Alphabet Book Each page has a picture and a traceable letter from kinderplans.com (scroll down almost to the bottom of the page)

Animal Alphabet Flashcards Alphabet flashcards with an animal photo beginning with each letter from billybear4kids.com

Free Printable Beginning Reading Posters, Flashcards, and Worksheets from beginningreading.com

Jan Brett Colorful Dolch Word Lists These would be great to use as individual charts. Put a star next to each word as a child learns it

Dolch Kit Information on organization, record keeping, practice books, flashcards, gameboards, and more

Dolch Word Search Puzzles, Lessons, and Flashcards

Dolch Word Concentration Cards from theschoolbell.com.(scroll down)

Dolch Flashcards  Print Dolch flashcards for kindergarten - third grade from kidzone.ws

Color Me Children learn color words with this activity from abcteach.com

Word-Search Maker Make your own word search puzzles or search the database of pre-made puzzles from teachers-direct.co.uk

Intervention A A small group intervention program for K - 1 students who need extra help. This is from free-reading.net

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Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

Phonological Awareness: Instructional and Assessment Guidelines from ldonline.org

Reading Workshop Reading strategy practice for all levels from Manatee County Schools, FL

Phonics Flash Cards, Posters, and Ready to Read Cards mes-english.com

Phonics for Free Free phonics lessons and tests for grades 1-3 from readingtarget.com

Free Phonics Posters Twenty-one great phonics posters for word lists from adrianbruce.com

Short Vowel Posters  Print out these short vowel posters with or without the breve from beginningreading.com

Printable Rhyming Words These could be used for flashcards or a variety of activities. Choose a few from each family and play concentration. These are from specialed.about.com

Zac and Deb Beginning Reader Worksheets from beginningreading.com

Print and Do Consonant Clusters Activity Sheets   from bbc.co.uk

Long Vowel Sounds from bbc.co.uk

What Picture Begins With?  A book for students to match pictures with beginning sounds from kinderplans.com and written by Elaine Engerdahl

Words and Pictures Phonics worksheets from bbc.co.uk

Phonogram Worksheets from starfall.com

Free Reading Resources Picture cards, decodable passages, and more from free-reading.net

Jan Brett's Color Words

Jan Brett's High Frequency Word Lists

Jan Brett's Phonograms


Tools - Informal Reading Assessments and More

Free Language Arts Presentations in PowerPoint These powerpoint presentations are a great timesaver for teachers. Some of the presentations are for kids and some are for teachers to use. You will need to right click and "save target as" and save it on your computer. You will also need Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer (free)

Cool Tools Informal tests for phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. It includes Florida Comprehension Assessment Test (FCAT) sample test booklets and answer keys as well as passage comprehension questions from several different reading series.

Informal Reading Assessments: Examples  Assessment examples for charts to use to record resuts of informal tests of  Concepts of Print, Rhyming, Identifying Initial Sounds, Blending Words, Phoneme Segmentation, Phoneme Manipulation, and Phoneme Deletion. This is from readingrockets.org

Reading Comprehension Tests  These informal comprehension tests are from Robert Jackson at teacherneedhelp.com

Reading Tutors Free Sample Packets from reading-tutors.com

Sight Word and Phonics Games

Reading (Phonics) Games from Adrian Bruce to download and print

More Reading Games from Adrian BruceThis page includes some sight word games

More Reading Games from Adrian Bruce

Reading Activities from PBS

Word Memory Match a word and picture. There are six printable games here from lessonsense.com

Race to the Lighthouse Phonics Game from bbc.co.uk

Reading Flashcards


Word Walls and Word Wall Activities

Word Wall Photo Gallery

Word Wall Resources These ideas are from Education World

Word Wall Activities from Cheryl Sigmon Thirty-six activities here

Color Coding the Word Wall


Make a Word Wall from abcteach.com


Onomatopoeia Posters Use these colorful posters to teach onomatopoeia from instantdisplay.co.uk


Contraction Posters from instantdisplay.co.uk






Reading Comprehension / Vocabulary / Prereading Strategies

Effective Practices for Developing Reading Comprehension  An article by Nell K.Duke and P. David Pearson

Free Reading Presentations in PowerPoint These powerpoint presentations are a great timesaver for teachers. Some of the presentations are for kids and some are for teachers to use. You will need to right click and "save target as" and save it on your computer. You will also need Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer (free)

Kid's Lab Grades 3 - 5 Comprehension Practice

Five Finger Strategy For Informational Text A preview strategy from cherylsigmon.com

Reading Comprehension Strategies Reading comprehension strategies supported by research and recommended by The National Reading Panel from cherylsigmon.com

Comprehension Strategy Posters by Matthew Needleman from Open Court

Comprehension Strategy Wall Posters by Matthew Needleman from Open Court

Five-o A vocabulary game in which students use logic and deductive reasoning to guess a word 

Book Adventure Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 6,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read offline, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes

Reading Comprehension Stories A large collection of short reading selections with questions. Separated into informational and fictional, with levels from pre-k to high school  from abcteach.com

Reading Comprehension Printables for Grades 
3 - 5

Awesome Antonym Finder Print this antonym finder on cardstock. I would glue a solid piece of cardstock on the back. Make your own antonym sheets to slide through it (from scholastic)

A Beginning, Middle, and End Form In this form for lower elementary students will illustrate and summarize the beginning, middle, and end of stories they read. This is from cherylsigmon.com

Vocabulary Development  Grades 3-5 from manatee.k12.fl.us

Simile Cards from instantdisplay.co.uk  

ABC Order Practice from manatee.k12.fl.us

Compound Word Cards These are from instantdisplay.co.uk

Vocabulary Worksheets Grades 1 12 from edhelper.com

Vocabulary Matching Games Created for ESL students, but could be used by other students to expand vocabulary

Silly Sentences Children can build sentences with these cards. Set of 120 cards to use for making sentences.  Includes 30 objects, adjectives, verbs and animals/people cards. These are from instantdisplay.co.uk

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Literature Ideas and Activities

Venn Diagram for Character Comparison

Literature Based Reading Lessons These lessons were prepared for second grade students at Dallas Christian School, but can be adapted for other levels. They include phonics and comprehension activities 

Biographies for Kids -Famous Leaders for Young Readers from Garden of Praise

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Visuals Use these visuals for telling, retelling, or sequencing activities from sparklebox.co.uk

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site Ideas for literature lessons and activities listed by theme or subject on this page

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter Click on the pictures to view a larger picture

Poet's Corner A large collection of poems to print, study, or discuss with your class such as "All Things Bright and Beauteous" by Cecil Francis Alexander and "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

Charlottes's Web Crossword Puzzles

Aesop's Fables Wordsearch from wordsearchfun.com 

Home Reading Log

Artist's Storyboard Have students visualize the important story elements in guided reading (from Cheryl Sigmon)

Compare and Contrast Different Stories from cherylsigmon.com

Prove It Chart Make predictions about a selection and then mark your predictions true or false and add proof from cherylsigmon.com

Reading Units Specific books and different grade levels


Book Reports

Bedtime Book Report Students read a book about sleep and then craft a bed from a recycled box. Book suggestions are given (requires free registration at Crayola)

Book Report Forms A variety of book report forms from abcteach.com

91 Ways to Respond to Literature If you're tired of the same old book reports, get some new ideas here

Book Cover Creator Students can use this tool to create book covers for books they create, book reports, and more from readwritethink.org

Book Report Gallery Bulletin Board

Book Response Form from cherylsigmon.com

Book Chat Checklist (from Rhonda Reed) A checklist to use for teacher conference for SSR

Make a No-Staple Book Use for a book report

Shape Book Patterns  Use for a book report

  Educational Websites - Education Resources

Other Reading Resources

Adrian Bruce's Reading Stuff This page has games, posters, book lists, reading strategies, and more

Reading Books is a Fun Adventure Banner A colorful downloadable banner from uniqueteachingresources.com

Early Beginnings A publication from the National Institute for Literacy. A guide for early childhood administrators.

Free Celebrity Get Caught Reading Posters 51 Free posters to order or print with photos of celebrities reading. Includes such personalities as Veggie-Tales, Laura Bush, Miami Heat, Abraham Lincoln, and more

The Open Court Resource Site An excellent site for use with Open Court. Many of the templates and ideas can be used with any series

Biographies to Purchase Have your students read about the lives of missionaries and other heroes of the faith whose lives have made a difference

Read*Write*Now! Reading activities for preschool- grade six

Reading Partners The Read*Write*Now! partners tutoring program. Guidelines for effective strategies for tutoring reading

Free Readers Theater Scripts

Reading Bulletin Board Ideas


Printable Reading Medals, Bookmarks, Certificates and Bookplates

Reading Awards and Incentives to Print Use these awards with these
online books

Printable Bookmarks from Jan Brett A variety of colorful bookmarks to print

Reading Medals   Gold, Bronze, and Silver medals to print and cut out

Small medals from teacherhelp.org  Gold    Silver     Bronze    Ribbons for the medals

Bookplates from Jan Brett  

Colorful Shell Bookmarks from Jan Brett

Printable Book Adventure Awards Print bookmarks, ribbon, book ranger badge, or certificates 

Printable Stories and Books

Free Downladable Books Reading A-Z features thirty  free books and worksheets.   

Free Phonics Readers, Worksheets, and Printable Books from starfall.com

Free Storytime Read the 25 stories online (Flash) and/or print and color the stories

Printable EWE Books and Mini Books from Learning Page. There are 38 Tommy Tales as well as some vocabulary books and mini books. Membership required (free)

Lively Butterflies A counting book to print, read, and color from beginningreading.com

Books Online   

*Note* I am not able to read every story at these sites. Parents and teachers should preread stories before assigning to children. Please read copyright information for each site.

Online Folktales from Starfall

Rare Book and Special Collections Reading Room

Jungle Eyes (K-1) from rif.org

If I Were a Little Fish from rif.org

Children's Books Online The Rosetta Project

International Children's Digital Library

Aesop's Fables Section 1Traditional fables with the moral listed. Also check Section 2Section 3,  and more

Storybooks Online Free storybooks to read online

Aesops Fables Traditional and modern versions of Aesops Fables (requires Flash)

Project Gutenberg Downloadable books in the public domain

Classics for Young People A variety of downloadable books here

Learn to Read Several books to read online for beginning readers with auditory review of sounds

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Spelling Lessons

Bible Based Spelling Lessons Spelling lessons to go with Bible stories from Garden of Praise

 Musical Spelling Rules Children will learn the spelling rules effortlessly by using these songs from Garden of Praise. Each song has sheet music you can print 

Spelling Strategy: Learning High Frequency Words from scholastic.com

More Spelling Ideas and Activities from teach-nology.com

Spelling Stars Use this banner with these stars to recognize students who reach a specified goal on their spelling test. You could set up individual goals for each student or for the class
Spelling Games

Musical Spelling Words from education-world.com

Spelling Cheerleading (visual-kinesthetic activity) I did this activity with second graders last year. It is a fun way to review spelling words and is a great help to students who need the kinesthetic connection. This is from readwritethink.org

A Spelling Cheerleading Poster is here from readwritethink.org

Spelling Scramble (game) from ilovethatteachingidea.com

Sparkle  (game) We played this game in my classroom the day before the spelling test each week. I had the children stand behind their desk and went down the rows. We started a new word after Sparkle each time. The children loved it.

Bing (game)

Spelling Worksheets

Free Spelling Worksheets from Spelling it Right

Spelling Worksheet Creator Create spelling worksheets from pre-made lists or from your own lists (from edhelper.com)

Spelling Activities from teach-nology.com

Spelling Worksheets from Teachnology

More Spelling Worksheets (site contains pop-ups)



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Writing, Grammar, Capitalization and Punctuation


Grammar Songs This is from Garden of Praise and is a great way for kids to learn about grammar and punctuation

Power Proofreading from Houghton Mifflin Students can proofread and correct a passage you choose. When the student quits, a score sheet can be printed. This is fun and saves you from having to write a passage on the board

Color Coded Parts of Speech A kinesthetic lesson

Grammar and Punctuation  Ideas for teaching grammar and punctuation from proteacher.com

Grammar on the Go  printable from Scholastic. Students will read a story and identify nouns, verbs, and adjectives with different colors

Daily Grammar Lesson Archives Short daily lessons on grammar and punctuation. These could be used for quick review, centers, or beginning of day activity  from dailygrammer.com

English Grammar Exercises for All Levels These are online activities using flash or java

English Verb Exercises Online activities using flash or java


Book Cover Creator from readwritethink.org

Make a No-Staple Book

Writing First Drafts Printable for grades 3 - 6 from Scholastic

What Happens Next Story Starter (lower elementary)

Letter Generator Students will learn letter parts as they write their letter from readwritethink.org

Power Proofreading from Houghton Mifflin Students can proofread and correct a passage you choose

Write Persuasively Printable from Scholastic. This is for grades 3-5

Writing Conference Form from cherylsigmon.com

Outlining Essays Printable for grades 3 - 6 from Scholastic

Sentence Worksheets from schoolexpress.com

100 Journal Ideas from timesaversforteachers.com

Simile Lesson - Busy as a Bee

Can You Haiku?

Build Custom Proofreading Activity You type in your story or sentence, and then check the types of errors you want from edhelper.com. (requires signup to use)

Citation Machine for Students The primary goal of this tool is to make is so easy for elementary, high school, college, and university students and other researchers to credit information sources, there is virtually no reason not to

Student Writing Rubric This rubric is for the student to fill out after writing. It would also be useful in a student conference about their writing, or could be made into an overhead or poster to show how their writing is graded (for grades 2 - 4

Pen Pal Letters from lessonplanspage.com

Lined, Decorated Paper for Younger Writers from primarygames.com

Capitalization and Punctuation

Pasta Punctuation from lessonplanspage.com

Stop Talking Edit and correct a paragraph for punctuation and capitalization

Punctuation Made Simple  This site has the rules for the comma, colon, semicolon, apostrophe, and the dash


Miscellaneous Language Activities

Daily Edits Every day language practice from educationworld.com

Power Proofreading from Houghton Mifflin Students can proofread and correct a passage you choose

Language Testing Practice from abcteach.com


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Plays, Skits, and Puppet Plays

*Please Note - I am not able to read every script listed at these sites.  I expect you to do that and decide if a script is suitable for your situation. Also, holiday scripts are on the section for each holiday here

Sunday School Plays Two plays here. One is Daniel and the Lion's Den and the other is Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. These are from sundayschoolresources.co.uk

Free Readers Theater Scripts from readingonline.org

Readers Theater Scripts (Gr. 1-3)from havefunteaching.com

Dramatix Scripts A large selection of scripts written by Christians for drama in churches and Christian schools. Some require royalties, but many are free to use

Free Christian Scripts Over 760 free scripts for stage and radio

Let's Skit Crazy

His Company This drama site has plays, sketches, monologues, and more for free performance by Christian groups

Christmas Plays and skits

Thanksgiving Plays and skits

Easter Plays and Skits

Valentine's Day Plays and Skits

Puppet Scripts



Easy to Make Costumes These  costume ideas from family fun could be used for classroom plays

Christmas Costume Ideas Some of the ideas here could be used for any biblical play

Wings Pattern Two different wing patterns here from familyeducation.com

Cape patterns from familyeducation.com

Vest Costume Pattern from familyeducation.com

Role Play Masks A large variety of masks here from Sparklebox


Miscellaneous Drama Links

Drama Games Drama improvisations and activities. Choose carefully for your age group

Kids Sunday School Place Skits A variety of skits for Christian school or church presentation 

Arts on the Move Drama information for teachers in an elementary school. Information about drama in the secondary school is here


Choral Speaking and Reader's Theater

Readers' Theatre Story Collections  Collections of short, easy to read poems and stories

The Old Woman and Her Pig This script is from Storycart Press

A Mystery Message A play with a coded message for students to decipher at the end

Readers' Theater Script Adapted from Jan Brett's Book, The Hat


Miscellaneous Language Arts

Make a No-Staple Book Make these books in any size you want for a variety of purposes  

Language Arts Activities



Latin Studystacks Stacks include flashcards and games

Spanish Studystacks

Other Language Studystacks

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