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My Christmas Page You will find inspirational
links, coloring, crafts, skits, and more


Snowman Glyphs and Glyph Key Put these on a bulletin board. This is from The Teachers Corner

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas from Scholastic Three ideas here with patterns

Our Class is Cool A cute bulletin board idea with penguins. You could use the same idea with snowflakes the children make. Put a photo of each child in the center

A Winter Banner from teacherhelp.org (4 pages)

Winter Banner This is from Sparklebox

We're as Unique as Snowflakes Bulletin Board This board was made by Stephanie Giese

You are Unique Banner  and  Just like Snowflakes Banner. Use these banners with a bulletin board similar to that above. Cut out different snowflakes and put each child's photo in the center

Slide Into a Good Book (penguins)

Dave's Free Snowflake Page Some neat snowflake patterns here to get you started

Color a Snowman A cute snowman with hat, mittens, scarf, and broom. This has the word "snowman" down the side of the page. This is from coloring-pages-book-for-kids-boys.com

Winter Coloring  A picture of sledding and another picture of sledding. Click on the picture title. These are from Light Up Your Brain

Snowman Paper Bag Puppet from pacon.com. This is a cute project for the younger kids

Snowman Bookmark This is an easy, winter craft from pacon.com

Free Winter Activities  These are from kidssoup.com

Full Sized Graphic of Four Seasons Save or copy this graphic to a graphic program and enlarge

What Causes the Seasons?

Clay Pot Winter Friends My class made a variation of these using 3 inch pots and styrofoam balls for the heads. We used old socks for the hat (use cuff part) and scarf. Another time my class made a snow scene on a foam plate, using a foam cup for the snowman's body. This doesn't cost as much, but is a cute table decoration for winter

DLTK's Winter Crafts  (pop-up ads)

Make a 3D Paper Snowflake This activity is for older children

Ten Little Snowmen An online book for young readers from starfall.com


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New Years

New Years Bulletin Board Idea (*Files have been updated for 2015) Forgetting those things which are behind.... Add pictures that illustrate your purpose for the board. Here are three files you can print to help you make your board.  file1   file2  file3  file4 (contains verse reference and years 2014 and 2015) Click on the small photo above to view a larger photo. This board was designed by Audrey Smith

Healthy Habits for 2009 The idea for this board is good. I would use larger pictures and include some Christian ideas like pray, read God's Word, attend church, etc. Also change the year to the present year or use banner below

Healthy Habits for a New Year Banner Put this on a bulletin board and put things under it as you wish. This could include healthy habits in general, or healthy study habits, or healthy habits for Christian living, such as pray, read your Bible, attend church, love others, and trust God

Shoot for the Moon Motivational Bulletin Board Krissy Venosdale, Missouri teacher created this fantastic motivational board featured on bulletinboardideas.org

Motivational Bulletin Boards  Several motivational boards with which to start the new year

More Motivational Board Ideas from bulletinboardideas.org

Happy New Year Banner (color) Šteacherhelp.org

Happy New Year Banner   Children can color in the letters Šteacherhelp.org

New Years Day Crossword Puzzle from sunniebunniezz.com

New Year Activity Book from Enchanted Learning

Bible Reading Plans for the New Year from biblegateway.com

Time Capsule Craft from familycrafts.com

New Year Acrostic from enchantedlearning.com

New Years Crafts from Danielles Place Several craft suggestions here. Some crafts require membership

Free Printable Custom Calendars from DLTK


Some Calendar Songs I've Used

There are Seven Days  (printable 4 sheets)
(to the tune of "Oh My Darling Clementine")

There are seven days
There are seven days
There are seven days in a week
Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
ŠAudrey Smith2007

The Months Song (printable 4 sheets)
(to the tune of "Ten Little Indians")

January, February, March, and April,
May and June, July, and August,
September, October, November, and December,
There are 12 months in all.
ŠAudrey Smith2007


Three Kings Day  (El Dia de Reyes) (Epiphany)

Three Kings Day Banner  Šteacherhelp.org

Día de Los Reyes Banner  Šteacherhelp.org

History of Three Kings Day

Los Reyes Magos

Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico

Color The Wise Men   from makingfriends.com

We Three Kings  from coloring-page.com

Star Over Bethlehem  from coloring-page.com


100th Day of School

It's the 100th Day of School Banner (pdf)  Šteacherhelp.org

Hooray for 100 Days Coloring (pdf) Šteacherhelp.org

It's the 100th Day Coloring Page (pdf) Šteacherhelp.org

100th Day Coloring from Lil' Fingers  Print four 25 item pages

Happy 100th Day Coloring Page from Jan Brett

100th Day Dot to Dot from starfall.com

I Can Write 100 Words from A to Z teacher stuff

100th Day Printable Worksheets from atozteacherstuff.com

100th Day Printable Worksheets from Enchanted Learning

100th Day of School Printable Book Children draw or write about 100. This is from Enchanted Learning

100th Day of School Activities from Allison Drake on Pinterest

Fill in the Missing Numbers to 100 Also includes writing the number and the word 100. This is from starfall.com

Fill in the Blank 100 Charts from A to Z Teacher Stuff (also includes a chart with numbers filled in)

100th Day Writing Worksheet Students answer a question and then make a prediction. This is from starfall.com

100 Acts of Kindness This lesson goes along with the 100th day of school and Martin Luther King Day. This is from readwritethink.org

100th Day Activities from atozteacherstuff.com

100th Day Activities from the Virtual Vine There is a cute pattern here for a 100th day crown

100th Day Tallying and Graphing (group work) Use jellybeans, M & M's, or colored cereal for this group activity from abcteach.com

Perfect Attendance Certificate for the first 100 Days

Make 100th Day Glasses This is a cute idea. If I used this idea I would add tabs on the side of the glasses, fold them, and then glue or tape the sides on it. Print on cardstock

Writing Prompts for the 100th Day from abcteach.com


Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History

Color a Picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is from calvarywilliamsport.com

A Teeny Tiny Book About Martin Luther King Jr. This is from bry-backmanor.org

Martin Luther King Jr. Teaches Many Lessons Seventeen suggested lessons from the net for different age groups. This is from educationworld.com

Living the Dream: 100 Acts of Kindness  This project allows students to participate in Dr. King’s dream by doing 100 acts of kindness. This is from readwritethink.org

Black History Mural Idea (photo) from bulletinboardpro.com

A Patchwork of African-American History Bulletin Board (photo) from education-world.com

Black History Month Banner (4 sheets) from teacherhelp.org

Black History Month Activities and Resources for Children from fun.familyeducation.com

George Washington Carver Coloring and Activity Book The first seven pages make a nice book about George Washington Carver. There are 23 more activity pages about the peanut to print such as dot-to-dot, crossword puzzles, and more. This is from usda.com.gov

Biography of Rosa Parks This is from the Museum of Living History at www.achievement.org 

The Underground Railroad Themes and Literature from eduscapes.org

Black History Word Search (10 words) from EdHelper.com

Black History Word Search (20 words) from EdHelper.com

Black History Word Search (all words) from EdHelper.com

Black History Internet Treasure Hunt (for grades 3+) from education-world.com

Famous Black Americans ABC Book Students create an ABC book after doing research about Black Americans from education-world.com

Black History Related Postage Stamps from library.thinkquest.com


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Australia Day

Australia Day Banner *suggestion - print on green paper or cardstock Šteacherhelp.org

Australia Day Events and Education

Educational Activities for Australia Day

Australia's National Flag

Flying and Use of the Australian Flag

Australia's National Anthem

Australia Day Pictures for Coloring from thecolor.com

Happy Australia Day Poster Click on the picture

Celebrate Australia Day Poster  Click on the picture

Australia Themed Coloring Pages

Koala Coloring Page from coloring-pages-kids.com

K is for Koala and Kangaroo Posters and Coloring Pages from DLTK (in colour or black and white)

Kangaroo Coloring from turtletrack.org

Platypus Bag Puppet from familycrafts.about.com

Koala Bag Puppet Pattern from cleverpatch.com

Kangaroo and Baby Craft for Young Children Scroll down to Crafts. There are also book ideas here as well as other activities. Kangaroo Pattern

Kangaroo Paper Craft for young children from dltk-kids.com


Groundhog Day

The Official Groundhog Day Site

Groundhog Day Origins

Information and Labeled Diagram of a Groundhog  from Enchanted Learning

Groundhog Pictures to Color from Preschool Coloring Book

Find the Groundhog Online Game This is from Lil' Fingers


Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day Bulletin Board Idea from busyteacherscafe.com

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington Venn Diagram Board from First Grade Sweet Life (scroll down)

U.S. Presidents to Color Nice portraits of US Presidents from Lil' Fingers

Past Greats... Future Greats Bulletin Board (Scroll down) This board from eberhardtsexplores.blogspot.com uses silhouettes of Lincoln and Washington, and silhoouettes of the children in the class. An easier version would be to use images of Lincoln and Washington (do an image search an download them), and photos of your students. Also the title could be Past Leaders... Future Leaders.

If I were President of the United States, I would....Worksheet from growingkinders.blogspot.com

Information about U.S. Presidents

U.S. Presidents to download, print, and color

An Overview of Abraham Lincoln's Life

A Brief Biography of Lincoln

President's Day Word Search  Answer Key

Presidents' Day Coloring A picture of Washington and Lincoln and a birthday cake with the words "Happy Birthday"

Presidents' Day Activities from Enchanted Learning All types of printable activities here including books, coloring, puzzles, and crafts

Color the Lincoln Statue

Presidents' Day Stationery Write a story about the presidents using this lined stationery


Valentine's Day Links All valentine links are on this page


March and April                  


A Glorious Easter  My Easter page with links to crafts, coloring, music, bulletin boards, and more

Arbor Day

Dates for Arbor Day by State Although nationally Arbor Day is the last Friday in April, state celebrations take place from November (Hawaii) and January (Florida and Louisiana) - April

Trees....A Joy Forever A play to perform for Arbor Day, suitable for performance by school-aged children (available in English or Spanish)

The National Arbor Day Foundation Join and get 10 free trees

Discover How Trees Conserve Energy An activity guide for the classroom

The Value of Trees in a Community Interesting facts about the importance of trees

Discover What Trees Do for You and Your Community  An activity guide for the classroom

Tree Chain Game  (grades 2 - 5)Students will be able to identify factors that are necessary for seed germination and growth

Mystery Tree Challenge (grades 4 - high school) This is from arborday.org

Arbor Day Crafts from Enchanted Learning

Arbor Day Pictures to Color from apples4theteacher.com

Arbor Day Seedling Coloring Page from twistynoodle.com

Arbor Day Lesson Plans from atozteacherstuff.com

Arbor Day Lessons, Crafts, and Thematic Units from theteachersguide.com

The Life of the Forest See what rings tell us about a tree, how a pinecone becomes a tree, and learn about the anatomy of a tree


St. Patrick's Day

The History of St. Patrick's Day from historychannel.com

St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Activities There are a variety of activities at this site from Enchanted Learning


Pan American Day

Simķn Bolivar el Libertador OAS children's page (Dia de las Américas)

Pan American Day Coloring Page

Proclamation by the President (2007)

Exploring our Festivities and Fiestas Scroll about 2/3 of the way down the page. There are suggestions here for books, music, and games

Piņata Coloring Page from kidprintables.com

How to Make a Piņata An easy piņata for first time piņata makers. A list of submitted photos of piņatas is at the end of the article



Spring Banner   This three page banner has "...He changeth the times and the seasons..." from Daniel 2:21a (KJV) with a photo of flowers and a bird.  KJV    NIV    Four page banners KJV Banner   NIV Banner You could have the children color spring pictures to put up with this banner.


Spring Bulletin Board  Use one of the banners above with spring pictures. Add Lilacs and Butterflies   and More spring pictures  This is from teacherhelp.org



Sing to the Lord a New Song by Victoria Davis. I love this board.

It's Spring Go down to about the fourteenth picture on this page. This could also be done after reading Peter Rabbit. The "Our Nest" board is also a cute spring board

New Creature Bulletin Board This is a pretty spring board with the verse from 1 Corinthians 5:17. This is from myclassroomideas.com

Spring Into a Good Book This book summary is for a spring book display and is from thteacherscorner.net

Welcome Spring Scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a cute idea.  The bulletin board had "Welcome Spring" and pictures of butterflies on it, then she had large flowers that look to be about 4 ft. high coming from the floor with photos of each child in the center of each flower

Butterfly Blossom Bulletin Board This beautiful board uses the children's butterfly creations

 "Fluttering into SPRING" Use this two page banner (from teacherhelp.org) for the header. A Butterfly picture is here (primarygames.com) or here (abcteach.com)

Showers of Blessings  Scroll down to the eighth board of a duck holding an umbrella. "Blessings" are listed on large raindrops. Some "blessings" could be family, friends, Bible, church, etc.

We are Growing  Use a flower pattern like this one on Martha Stewart's site. Enlarge the pattern and cut it out of bright spring colors. Take a digital photo of each child and print them. Glue a photo in the center of each flower. Print the "We are Growing" banner from  teacherhelp.org

Other Flower Pictures for the Bulletin Board These coloring pictures could be enlarged and used with the bb above

Paper Flower Bouquet These flower patterns could be used for a number of craft projects. They could be enlarged and used on a bulletin board. These are from craftideas.info

Spring Lessons from Education World

Signals of Spring A project from NASA for grades

Make a Flower-covered Basket from makingfriends.com.Click on Flowered Basket,

Blossom Tree Painting a pretty and simple idea from activityvillage.co.uk

Clay Pot Bumble Bee from familycrafts.about.com

Butterfly Mobile from pacon.com

Ladybug, Dragonfly, or Bumblebee Puppet These cute puppet patterns are from JoAnn.com

Things That Fly Links to kites, pinwheels, windsocks, and more

Collect the Flowers Game from bry-backmanor.org. Print the gameboard, tokens, and instructions, and play the game

Foam Spring Placemats Make these pretty spring placemats. Patterns are from JoAnn.com

Bird Wordfind Easy wordfind for young students from bry-backmanor.org

Journey North Students can take part in a project that has to do with wildlife migration and other signs of spring. My class on Saipan took part in this in 1999. Click here to read about it 

Spring Coloring Pages from DLTK

Flower Pictures to Color

Swallowtail Butterfly Stained Glass Pattern This makes a nice coloring picture

Blue Morpho Butterfly Stained Glass Pattern This makes a nice coloring picture or use watercolor paint on parchment paper and hang in a window so the light comes through

More Insect Lessons and Links Look under the animal science links here

Don't Bug Me Door Hanger from familycorner.com

March Lion and Lamb Crafts from DLTK

Flower Crown This is a cute craft from Enchanted Learning

Caterpillar Cupcakes This is such a cute idea, I had to add it here. Use these cupcakes for a spring party or birthday party


Earth Day

Earth Day Bookmarks to Color These are from abcteach.com

Earth Day Banner  (four sheets) from teacherhelp.org

How Can You Help on Earth Day Writing Worksheet from starfall.com(lower elementary)

Earth Day Grocery Bag Outfit and more from daniellesplace.com. Scroll down

Earth Day activities from Scholastic (scroll down)

Earth Day Reading Comprehension from abcteach.com (elementary)(pdf file) Other activities here also

Keep Your Neighborhood Clean Coloring Book from Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Board Game A board game and set of cards to use when studying about recycling. This is from Teachers Resources Galore

Recycling Starts With You Lessons Teaches the importance of recycling paper (Grades 3-6) from paperrecycles.org

Recycling Starts with You Poster from paperrecycles.org


Anzac Day  (Australia and New Zealand)

Anzac Day Banner Three pages (pdf file from teacherhelp.org)

The Anzac Day Tradition Information about Anzac Day and why it is so special to Australians

Finding Smithy (8 pages in color) Exploring the legend and reality of Charles Kingsford Smith  (black and white version)

Anzac Day Activities for Early Childhood

Anzac Day Classroom Activities

Anzac Day - What Does it Mean to You Today?

Anzac Puzzles


A Guide to Anzac Day for New Zealanders

Anzac Day Quiz

Anzac Day Scavenger Hunt

Gallipoli Guide


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