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Advent and Christmas Crafts, and Gifts to Make

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Advent Crafts 

Advent Wreath Coloring Sheet There are several advent activities and Jesse Tree activities here. This is from Teacher Resources Galore

Advent Coloring Sheet Children can color the picture of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. They can color a star for each day of Advent or add a pretty stick-on star for each day

The Making and Meaning of an advent wreath

My Christmas Countdown Chain

Christmas Star Countdown Chain  A craft using a star, a poem, and paper links. Children remove a link each day until Christmas. This is from



Opened Cross CardMake a Cross Christmas Card Make a Christmas Gift Card that opens to a cross with John 3:16 (NIV) on it. This makes an excellent visual for a children's sermon about God's Gift. (approximately 15"wide X20" high when open)©
For a KJV Card click here
Card en español  (Instrucciones en Inglés aqui)

Nativity Crafts

Nativity Clip Art Copy and enlarge this clip art to make a nativity scene, bulletin board, wall scene, or shoe box. Print in color or black and white

Nativity Scene Use these nativity figures on a felt board, or make a nativity scene. You can print them in color, or let the kids color them. (*You can stop the annoying flashing ads by clicking the red X at the top of the browser)

Nativity Printables and Crafts A variety of printables here in black and whte or color. These are from

Nativity Scene from Paper Toys  Each part of this nativity scene will need to be enlarged on a copier or graphics program

Nativity Bookmarks to Print Scroll down to Nativity bookmarks (two to a page). These are from

nativity bookmarkNativity Bookmarks(NIV)
   (KJV) Four to a page with John 3:17 ©

En Español (NVI)




nativity bookmark

Nativity Bookmarks (NIV)    (KJV) Four to a page John 1:14 ©

En Español (NVI)




Make a Christmas Tambourine  Use the Christmas verse link on this page ©

Arrange the Nativity Scene An online activity. Children can place the figures in the nativity scene from

Clay Pot Nativity This is an easy way to make a nativity from three small clay pots

Nativity Scene Clip Art
Copy and enlarge this clip art to make a nativity scene, bulletin board, wall scene, or shoe box. Print in color or black and white

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Ornaments, Angels, and Other Christmas Decorations

Angel Ornaments

Paper Plate Angel A cute angel from

Coffee Filter Angel Ornament from

Christmas Angel Origami This craft is for older students. If printed as is, it makes a tiny angel. This pattern could be enlarged for larger angels for the Christmas tree or bulletin board. This is from

Angel Template  (in color) from


Miscellaneous Ornaments

tetrehedron ornamentTetrahedron Shaped Ornament Just cut out this ornament. Fold toward you on all solid lines. Insert and glue a loop of yarn or ribbon. Put glue on all flaps and insert and hold them for a few seconds until dry. Add glue to pictures and sprinkle glitter over them. I usually place a box under to catch glitter that falls. Hang on your tree. (*There are 3 to a page, pdf file) ©


cinnamon ornament
Cinnamon Ornaments These ornaments keep their wonderful cinnamon scent for several years. There are variations to these ornaments other places on the internet. We decorated them with small squeeze bottles of snow paint. It looked like they had frosting on them. You will need to make a large batch for a class. I figured out how much dough was needed for one ornament and rolled it into a ball and put wax paper around it. Each child flattened the ball of dough and cut out their ornament with a cookie cutter. It takes about four days for the ornaments to dry so they can be decorated. Some people dry them in a 200° oven for 20 minutes instead. They can be decorated when dry. I found some snow paint in small squeeze bottles. They probably could be decorated with small red cinnamon decorations also.* The ornaments I made with my class eight years ago still smell like cinnamon. This is from

Pentagonal Sphere Ornaments from

Jesus Tree Decorations Print these decorations in black and white or in color. Just click on the picture of the ornament you want and print

Paper Ornaments from Microsoft Home Magazine

Paper Ornaments from Jan Brett Directions for a medallion, dove, and heart

Christmas Cone Ornament from Jan Brett


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Other Christmas Decorations  

Make a Perfect Five-pointed Star from

Little Christmas Lamb Make this little lamb ornament from polymer clay. This is from

Make Paper Poinsettias
Directions for fold and cut from

Norwegian Woven Paper Christmas Basket

Make an Evergreen Tree Table Decoration Suggestion: make a pattern for children to trace. Give students stars and small stickers to decorate their tree before assembling. Card stock is firmer than construction paper. This is from

Christmas Tree Table Decoration Just print, cut, and assemble this tree from

Make a Holly Wreath Make a wreath using a paper plate and these patterns from Crayola  

Learn to Sew Gingerbread Man from

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Winter/Snow Decorations

Clay Pot Snow People (Scroll down to last picture) My class made a variation of these using 3 inch pots and styrofoam balls for the heads. We used old socks for the hat (use cuff part) and scarf. You could also use styrofoam cups for a less durable but less expensive decoration

Bottle Belly Snowman Another cute way to make a snowman using an empty water bottle.

Learn to Sew Snowman This is from

Foldup Houses Make a Christmas village snow scene with these foldup houses. (requires Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or 98, Windows XP, or Vista)



Gifts, Gift Tags, Cards, and Miscellaneous Crafts

A Priceless Gift  This particular gift idea is so easy and says "I love you" so well, that you won't want to miss out on it! From

Photo Christmas Frames from Jan Brett  An easy gift for parents is to take a digital photo of each child. Print on 5x7 photo paper. Glue frame to photo and put a small bow in the corner

Cookie Cutter Floating Candles This is a fairly easy craft, but the hot wax should be handled by a grownup.

Printable "Merry Christmas to a Great Teacher" Card

Printable "Merry Christmas to______ from ________" Card

More Holiday Gift Coupons from Microsoft (Colorful snow scene template for Word 2013)

Gift Labels with Candy Cane (Microsoft template for Word 97 or later)

Christmas Paper Crafts  This page from Crafts & Fabric Links has boxes, cards, and tag projects

Christmas Bag Print these bags and assemble for candy or small gifts. Cut on solid lines. Fold on dotted lines. It has a picture of a shepherd boy on it (pdf file)  

100 Gifts You Can Make A large collection of gifts to make. Many are easy enough for children

Puzzle Template Glue template to one side of a piece of cardboard. Glue a picture or Christmas card front to the other side and then cut out puzzle pieces 

Christmas Crafts at Christmas Crafts - Free projects for kids and family. Christmas crafts gift ideas and Christmas Craft decorations. (scroll down)

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