Easter Worksheets, Puzzles, and Games

Easter Worksheets and Puzzles

Holy Week Sequence Activity
From sundayschoolkids.com.

Resurrection Sunday - A Time for Rejoicing Wordsearch
This is from Kid Explores at christiananswers.net.

The Resurrection Wordsearch
From christiananswers.net.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Crossword Puzzle
From biblewordgames.com.

Squigly's Easter Word Search
You will need to enlarge the search. This is from squiglysplayhouse.com.

Challenging Easter Wordsearch
The Crucifixion and Resurrection

Easter Games

Easter Matching Game (print 2)
Turn sheets over and Print Backs.
For a 48 count game Print these cards also. From teacherhelp.org.

Easter Games
Easter games are on the left side of the page. These are from christiancrafters.com.

Easter Games
Eleven Easter games. Choose those suitable for your group.
This is from youthwork-practice.com.

Easter Party Games
A variety of Easter games for kids from thespruce.com

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