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The Curriculum 
Bible coloring pages and activities for both the New and Old Testament.  The Original Curriculum is free. This curriculum is available in English
and Spanish and is from Calvary Chapel.

Child Evangelism Tools from Information about materials, and instructions on how to make and use.
Free Bible Images These images are free and
can be used with a Bible story. Use
the Book, Character, or Theme menus to find
the story you want.

Wycliffe Kids' Activities A variety of kids' activities including prayer, seasonal, topical, and more.

Jesus Calms the Storm  A Bible story in
which the children take part. This is from

Daniel in the Lion's Den These colorful visual aids are from

The Armor of God Lessons  This is from

Creation Story Aids  This is from

Noah's Ark Story Aids  This is from

More Bible Story Resources from

Bible Object Lessons  These are from

Childrens' Bible Lessons  These are from

Free Jonah Sunday School Lesson for Children  There are several activities and crafts with this lesson.  This is from

Colorful Bible Clip Art from Philip Martin  Please read restrictions.

Other Bible Based Printables and Activities

OT no-staple book Books of the Old Testament Folded No-Staple Book  This book requires no stapling or taping. Print on white or colored paper. Use THESE DIRECTIONS to fold the book.

Books of the New Testament No-Staple Book  The finished book is about 2X4 inches. Larger books can be made by using larger paper.

The Lord's Prayer Folded No-Staple Book (NIV)     KJV
Directions are HERE
Ten Commandments Crafts and Activities
Some fun activities here to help kids learn
the ten commandments. This is from Ellen Gill

OT books Books of the Old Testament (one sheet)  This is also available four to a sheet HERE. Listen to the midi HERE.
Books of the New Testament  This is also available four to a sheet HERE. Listen to the tune for singing the Books
of the New Testament HERE in a video
by Steve Singleton.

Childrens' Song Sheet Music and Accompaniment Tracks from

Mini Songbooks with Childrens' Songs from

Other Scripture Memorization Help

Bible Verses Set to Familiar Tunes  This site has Bible verses and suggested familiar tunes to make learnining scripture easier for young children. Other resources are also available here. This is from

John 14:6 Bookmarks (NIV)     KJV

20 Ways to Use Puppets to Teach a Verse
This is from

Also check out Bible Crafts and Bible Verse Coloring and Bible People and Events Coloring for more printables to help with lessons.