Advent and Christmas Plays, Music, and Inspirational Links

Christmas Inspirational Links

The Jesse Tree
An article by Mary Fairchild.

Jesse Tree Family Devotions
Advent Devotions with symbol patterns here.

The History of Silent Night
This is from The Hymns and Carols of Christmas.

What's The Real Meaning of Christmas?
This is from

Long Long Ago
A poem on

Christmas Music

The Hymns and Carols of Christmas  A huge alphabetical list of Christmas hymns and carols

Christmas Carol Book  Words and music for traditional carols (pdf). This is from

Christmas Song Lyrics Click on the title you want. This is from

Christmas Arrangements for Piano and Electric Keyboard  Christmas music for the beginning player from

The Twelve Days of Christmas(pages 1-7)  Pages 8-14   Print letter size posters of each day.

The Twelve Days of Christmas booklet (File1)     File 2   Print the first file and then flip to print the second file. Because printers are different you will need to print a few to see if the back is printing so the pages are in order.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Musical Score  This is from Sing along music on You Tube here.

Christmas Skits, Plays, and Costumes

Christmas Acrostic (2 to a page) This Acrostic states something about each letter in Christmas. Give one of the following letters to each of nine children.  Each child will hold up their letter and say their part. Use this for chapel, Sunday School, etc.
C      R    I       T    M    A    S    Permission to use the play is given for nonprofit use. (©2011

Make a Bible Costume in Five Minutes  Susan Evans on You Tube

The Birth of Jesus  This play from Kids Sunday School Place involves nine children and takes about 15 minutes. More Plays from Kids Sunday School Place

Donkey Masks  and Nativity Masks  can be downloaded from Sparklebox

Christmas Plays from Dramatix  A large list of plays with the number of males, females, or puppets required. View the key at the top of the page.

On the Scene Puppet Play  A puppet play with reporters covering the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Plays to Download  These are from A donation is requested.

Monologues of the Characters at Jesus Birth  These are from

Two Free Puppet Scripts  Click on the links on the top right side of the page.