Back to School Bulletin Boards

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Welcome Back Banner
This Banner is three and a half sheets.

Welcome Back to School

A large colorful banner. (five sheets)

Welcome Sign with Large 8.5x11 Individual Letters.
W            L       C       O        M        E
Download and print each letter on card stock.

Just print and trim top edges of pages
2 and 3.
Banners for other grades below.Banners are around 27 in. tall.
1st        2nd        3rd      4th      5th

Classroom Rules
Print classroom rules on one sheet or four sheets.

Image Recipe for a Great School Year
Download each file and back with colored paper or card stock.
File 1      File 2       File 3        File 4     File 5       File 6       File 7

Image Welcome to Our Space - Space Theme bulletin board Print the banner file.   Welcome to Our Space banner. The following files are also needed.   Astronaut     Name Plates and  Aliens in Spaceship  Rocket    Alien in Spacecraft and Astronaut  and Space clipart (clip art by
Philip Martin)

Image Leap Into __ Grade. Download five files.
Frog       Banner      Lily Pads     Grade Levels 1-4      Water Lilies     Small Frogs (for lily pads)     Frog Incentive Charts    Name Tags        Frog Labels

Image All Stars Bulletin Board
Use this board for a variety of purposes.
Four files to download.        allstars1  allstars2         allstars3       allstars4

Spelling Stars Banner
Use this banner with the stars above for
a board to show spelling goals that have
been reached.

Image Flying into a New School Year (banner) or Soaring in a New School Year (banner)  Make a bulletin board with hot air balloons or airplanes. Print Large Balloons (for top)   1       2        3        4
Small Balloons  or  Airplanes for students names
Small Balloons in black and white for students
to color.
Hot Air Balloon Name tags Print on shipping labels.

Image Welcome to our School (banner)Students can color These Fish.  Suggestion - run on different colors of cardstock and have children coior with markers for a bright colored bulletin board. Use blue background paper and sand colored paper at the bottom. Add more Sea Creatures. You also may want to use these Fish Tank Reward Charts.
More colorful fish can be downloaded from Phillip Martins clip art.

ImageWelcome to Our Hive Door Decoration or Bulletin Board
Print out Large Bees,  Nameplates, and Banner. Enlarge Hive Pattern or print out Large Hive (9 sheets). If using for a door,
cut as in this example here. Some words
to add to door are here
. Some Bee
name tags are here

Look Who is Popping Into Our Class Banner
Popcorn Machine     Name Plates    
Box of Popcorn
Bowl of Popcorn

ImageKeys To A Great Year Bulletin Board Banner Print the following keys Listen, Work Hard      Respect Others, Follow Directions     Do Your Best            Back to School Picture Put other pictures of children listening, working.etc.

Image A Great Line-Up Bulletin Board  Large T-Shirt or Small T- Shirt.
Use a blue background and string a clothesline between trees. Write the students names on shirts.

Image Let's Get Acquainted (A Crossword Puzzle Board) You could put the students names into a Crossword Puzzle Maker then run off enough squares for all of the names. Lay out the squares in the shape of your
puzzle and tape them together on the back.
You could have a clue sheet telling something about each person.

Welcome Back Puzzle Board  I love this colorful bulletin board made by Susan Griffes.You could use this 24 Piece Template. Simply add an
extra row or two if you have more
students. Cut the shapes from bright colored
card stock. Then use this banner Welcome Back You Fit Right In for the heading.

Kindergarten - Our Garden of Children  Use this banner to make
a kindergarten bulletin board. Print off These Yellow Flowers (three to a page). Take a
digital picture of each child and place in
the center of each flower. Pink Flowers
are here.

Ode To Fifth Grade This clever board was
made by Susan Latino. The student's names are
on the beginning notes of "Ode To Joy".
The students are given a quiz sheet on
the first day of school with several
questions about the board.

Bulletin Boards, Halls, Walls, and Door Decorating Ideas
This site is from Garden of Praise. There
are many boards here with photos. The boards
are separated by grade level.

Check the Bulletin Board Index Page for more bulletin boards and room decoration.