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Miscellaneous Classroom Decor

Ideas for school bulletin boards, calendars, murals, door decoration, borders, birthday displays, and other room decoration. Many are printable.








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Miscellaneous Bulletin Boards, Bulletin Board Collections, and Other Room Decor


Clip Art and Banners by Phillip Martin Use this wonderful clip art for your bulletin boards and displays


Manners Posters A set of seven manners posters to print


Bulletin Board Ideas Ideas submitted by teachers to teachnet.com


Bulletin Boards for the Regular Classroom

Bulletin Board Ideas with Pictures


Ideas for Bulletin Boards Ideas for borders, backgrounds, and subject areas

Bulletin Board Ideas from the Teacher's Corner


Instant Display Teaching Resources A large number of free, colorful posters for the classroom. There are posters for different subjects, seasons,


Alphabet Flags Print and mount these alphabet flags in your room. These are small flags (3 to a page) but they could be enlarged in a graphics program


Colorful Helpers A colorful helper chart from mrsgiese.com


Printable Chore Charts Choose the editable charts to use for classroom jobs, behavior charts, or sticker charts for other purposes. These are from Alenka's Printables 


Alphabet Lines These beautiful alphabets for the wall are from Jan Brett. Print them out in traditional or modern manuscript or cursive. I would print these on cardstock and then laminate them


Jan Brett's Phonograms These printable posters are great if you are teaching word families or rhymes


 Center Signs  Save yourself some time with these colorful center signs


Free 2013-2014 School Year Calendar Scroll down.


Classroom Helper Cards Pre-printed cards for parent jobs in the classroom


Bookworm Pattern This cute pattern from DLTK can be printed in black and white or color


Counting Caterpiller Pattern Count the days of the school-year by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's


National Geographic Printable Posters Full color posters to download and print. There will be new posters each month of animals and landscapes. Each poster prints on nine sheets of paper and is 25x33 inches. These are very nice and will brighten up any room




Helping Hands Job Chart (with jobs)(22 X 17 - 4 sheets) and Name Plates for the chart.  Chart without jobs (write in your own jobs)  If you have more than 6 jobs, just print sheets 3 and 4 again              Assembling Directions


Up, Up, and Away Giraffe Growth Chart This wall or bulletin board chart could be used for a variety of purposes such as "Growing Tall With Books." 

Jan Brett's Numbers Beautiful numbers to put up in your classroom. Just download and print

Jan Brett's Alphabet to download and print in Cursive, Manuscript, or Modern Manuscript

Jan Brett's Alphabet Poster (4 sheets)

Jan Brett's Alphabet with Manual Signs

Bookworm Pattern This cute pattern from DLTK can be printed in black and white or color

Bible Calendar Numbers Bible Calendar Numbers for the whole year from christianpreschoolprintables.com

Free "I Can't - Yet" Poster to download and print

Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag Poster


Pledge to the Christian Flag Poster




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Door Decorations


Classroom Doors Ideas with pictures for decorating your classroom door


Patriotic Doors


Ice Cream Themed Door Decoration


Christmas Tree Door Decoration Ideas (photos)


"Welcome to Our Pad" and "Hats Off to a New Year " door decoration ideas here

Murals and Hall Displays

*Pictures can be enlarged for murals in poster software  programs or in many publishing programs like The Print Shop.


The Umbrella Mural Everything you need to transform your classroom into a rainforest. These printable rainforest coloring pictures are from Jan Brett


 Ocean Mural from Learning Page Print out sections and color (Membership required - free)


Ocean Mural


Ocean Week Ideas and Mural


On Noah's Ark Mural Coloring pictures from Jan Brett for a mural.


*You could make a zoo mural using some of the animals from this page. Make a zoo background or put bars in front of some animals in cages


Creating a Class Mural Lesson


African Safari Mural from Jan Brett


Arctic Mural Click next at the top for different sections of the mural


The Three Snow Bears Coloring Mural This mural is for kids to color and is from Jan Brett. There are several arctic animals to color


Ceramic Tile Wall Mural Instructions are given here for creating a ceramic tile wall mural


My Anti-Drug Mural Guidebook Whether you are creating a temporary or permanent mural, this guidebook has information on planning and creating a mural (pdf file)


Self Portraits Hall Display


Ode to 5th Grade This could be used for any grade. Just change the title




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Word Walls


Make a Word Wall


Create Word Walls or Flash Cards

Word Wall Resources These ideas are from Education World

Word Wall Activities from Cheryl Sigmon Thirty-six activities here

Contraction Posters from instantdisplay.co.uk





Calendar Templates Help students learn about the calendar. Print these templates for students to fill in

Interactive Calendar from Jan Brett Make your own printable personal or classroom calendar. Print Grid and put in any information and the click on Make my Calendar

Free Printable Calendars Print monthly or year calendars. The monthly calendars have a space at the top to draw or paste a picture

Printable Calendars There are a variety of calendars that you can print at this site.

Calendar Numbers These beautiful calendar numbers are from play2learnprintables.com. Click on apples to see what the numbers are like

Apple Calendar Numbers These are very nice and are from thevirtualvine.com


Editable Calendars from Education World There are also many other templates at this site


25 Ideas for Using Education World's Monthly Calendars


Themed Calendar Numbers from play2learnprintables.com


Calendar Months from Jan Brett


Calendar Days from Jan Brett


Calendar Dates from Jan Brett


Apple Calendar Numbers These are very nice and are from thevirtualvine.com


Colorful Calendar Numbers from playtolearnprintables.com


Plain Calendar Numbers to use on any large classroom calendar. 1 - 12   13 - 24    25 - 31 You can run them on different colored paper for different months








Days of the Week Poster 8.5 X 11 inches



















Printable Months (blue)











The Opening An article with opening activity suggestions. Many of them use the calendar 


Seasons Colorful Display Cards (English) Spanish    French   German These are from instantdisplay.co.uk



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Print and cut out borders. Overlap and tape together to size needed.

Borders for Bulletin Boards Ready to print and cut. These are from Preschool Printables. Choose from flowers, holidays, seasons, or miscellaneous


Some Borders I have made:

The borders with white backgrounds can be printed on any color paper. I would recommend cardstock if you want to use them again.

Back to School Border (pdf)

Flowers Border (pdf)

Multicolored Border (pdf) This border looks like it is painted with watercolor circles. Cut on the dark lines. Print on cardstock.

Fall Leaves Border (pdf) This border is on a white background so you can print it on whatever color you need. I printed it on gold colored cardstock.

Smiley Face Border (pdf)

Book and Pencil Border (pdf)


Pastel Balloons Border  (pdf) This is a straight edge border. I used it for a birthday board. Print on cardstock

Tulip Border (pdf)

Leaf Border (pdf)

Triangle Border (pdf)

Outer Space Border (pdf)

Patriotic Border (pdf) This is a straight border. Print on cardstock.


Scalloped Border Template (pdf) I made this all purpose template so that I could make my own borders by printing them on any color paper or card stock.

Apple Border Students color this border


Bulletin Board Borders from Jan Brett These colorful borders go along with Jan Brett's books, but could be used for other purposes as well.


Borders Three pages of borders here



Border Storage Tip




*Please note*  Most "Back to School" boards are on the

Back to School" page Holiday or special day boards are listed under the holiday.



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