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Holidays October-November
October and November Holiday and Special Day Resources 



 The holidays listed below are on several different pages. You may be directed to a different page when you click on a particular holiday.



Clergy Appreciation Month

Do a cheer for your pastor. Download each letter on cardstock  and have five children lead a cheer for your pastor at some type of pastor recognition during Clergy Appreciation Month.

Letters to download and print (8,5x11) 
P  A  S  T  O  R

Use the Three Cheers for Pastor cheer below from Christian Crafters, or make up one of your own.

Three Cheers for Pastor A puppet play from Christian Crafters. *We had a group of young people do this as a skit at a pastor appreciation dinner.

Ideas to Honor Your Pastor

Article by Mark Creech An excellent article about honoring our pastors

Can the Sheep Save Their Shepherds? Article by Lynn Cryderman

Be a Barnabas to Your Pastor An article by Kathy Widenhouse




Thank You Pastor Poster (pdf)(One page 8.5X11 inches) Open and print from a web page






Thank You Pastor Greeting Card (pdf. file)Print this card and let you child or Sunday School class write a special thank you to their pastor *You'll need the free Adobe Reader to view and print the pdf. files


Thank You Pastor Banner (three sheets) Bible on left side.Print with "fit" setting on printer - trim and glue the same as below. Use in a pastor's office, hallway, or on a bulletin board.

Thank You Pastor Banner (three sheets) Use same as above.

 Thank You Pastor Banner (pdf. file) (three sheets - trim right edge of first two sheets and glue or tape together)Have the children color in the letters. You could glue pictures the children make to each end to make a colorful and longer banner  *You'll need the free Adobe Reader to view and print the pdf. files

Thank You Pastor Bulletin Board (header) Use this header or the larger one above. Put a photo of your pastor and add the things you are thankful for such as teach, preach, pray, visit, encourage, and  evangelize. Back each word with colorful cardstock or paper.


Thanksgiving in Canada  (2nd Monday in October)

Happy Thanksgiving Canada Thanksgiving history from kidsturncentral.com

Canadian Thanksgiving

Paper Bag Scarecrow from crafts.kaboose.com

Annie's Canadian Thanksgiving Page

Bountiful Harvest Wall Hanging From Crayola

Go here for more Thanksgiving links

Photos of Autumn in Canada

Find turkey crafts, bulletin boards, banners, and coloring here

Columbus Day

Columbus Shape Book or Coloring Page from abcteach.com

Columbus Word Search (15 words) From busyteacherscafe.com

Columbus Day Word Search Puzzle from thepotters.com

Make Words from Christopher Columbus from abcteach.com

Columbus Day Tag This sounds like an interesting game. It requires some pre-game planning and preparation. This is from pecentral.org

Columbus Day Coloring from preschoolcoloringbook.com

Color a Caravel (A ship like those used by Columbus) This is from enchantedlearning.com

Columbus' Voyage: Map and Ships Craft Ideas This is from enchantedlearning.com

Columbus Day and Other Fall Activities A variety of activities here. There is a Columbus report form, reading comprehension, a Columbus  shapebook, a wordsearch, and crossword puzzle. This is from abcteach.com

Columbus Day Lessons and Activities


Is it Wrong for Christian Families to Celebrate Halloween? Dr. James Dobson's perspective

Christians and Halloween - What Does the Bible Say About Halloween? An article by Mary Fairchild

Another View About Halloween and Christians from christiananswers.net

Are Harvest Parties for Christians? from christiananswers.net

Halloween Ideas for Family Fun Many ideas for things to do. A Kidhelper resource  

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Follow the Pumpkin Trail  An object lesson from kidhelper.com

Temporary Witnessing Tattoos They are the colors of the Wordless Book



Reformation Day

Reformation Day  A history of Reformation Day

A Mighty Fortress
Words to the first verse of "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" and a picture of Martin Luther. Children can color the title and the name Martin Luther. Click on the picture (pdf file)


 Print and Color a Picture of Martin Luther

 Reformation and Martin Luther Bulletin Board -

 The Reformation Banner/Header    A picture of Martin Luther   A picture of the Bible  Things Martin Luther did  (small files - two on an 8.5x11 page) Translate the Bible into German & Authorship of Hymns  Fewer Sacraments & Approval of Clerical Marriage  Emphasis on Salvation by Faith   Same files as above but two 8.5x11  pages for each one. Five files.    file1    file 2    file 3     file 4     file 5  The ideas and information for this board were taken from the unit study below

A Unit Study on the Reformation This is from Core Knowledge and is for grade 5

Reformation Day Word Search Find the Reformers in the puzzle. This is from lovetolearnplace.com

Reformation Games on Quia You'll find matching, flashcards, and concentration here

Reformation Day Activities A number of interesting ideas here for celebrating Reformation Day

Reformation Skit  Best for older students

Questions and Answers about Reformation Day

A Mighty Fortress is Our God The words and music are here

Reformation Day This is from sundayschoollessons.com

Luther's 95 Theses

The Life of Martin Luther From Susan Lynn Peterson

John Calvin

Reformation Day October 31st or December 10? An interesting article


Thanksgiving Lessons, activities, crafts, printables,, bulletin boards, and more

Election Lessons

Cyberbee Election Lessons This site covers campaign advertising, candidates, the election process and more. These lessons are geared to older students. There is an elementary section for lower elementary

Who Elects the President?  A fill in the blank  reading worksheet for older students about the electoral college.  The students will choose from words at the bottom of the page. This is from rhlschool.com

Election Lessons A variety of lessons for different levels here

Piggy Tale Election This lesson is on the importance of voting. The following sites contain teaching information on the two books to compare. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs  or Defendant Testifies    Three Little Pigs

Presidential Election Campaign Speeches This lesson is for grades 6-8

Getting Out The Vote A lesson on the importance of voting

Election Results Map Students prepare a map and discuss the popular vote for each candidate in each state

PBS Kids Democracy Project

Presidents of the United States A government site with information about each president

Presidents of the United States From World Almanac


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Veteran's Day  

Origins of Veteran's Day

Printable Veteran's Day Poster for 2013 from va.gov

Veteran's Day Posters from 1978 - 2013 to download and print  from va.gov

Veteran's Day Reading Comprehension (upper elementary) This is from abcteach.com

VA Kids K-5 Facts about veterans, and the flag. Also contains games and activities from va.gov

VA Kids 6th-12th Grade This site contains games, information about the flag, veterans, as well as volunteer and scholarship information  from va.gov

VA Kids Teachers' Page  from va.gov

Veteran's Day Vocabulary List (with definitions) from teach-nology.com

Veteran's Day Vocabulary Quiz (based on list above) from teach-nology.com

Veteran's Day Lined Paper with Picture of Flag at the Top (in color)(k-1) (For Grades 2-8 click here) This is from eduplace.com

Arts and Crafts for Veteran's Day from theholidayzone.com

Patriotic Stickersfrom stickersandcharts.com

Veteran's Day Poster from Melissa Matusevich

Veteran's Day Word Search from John's Word Search Puzzles

Free E-cards to send for Veteran's Day

*See below for more patriotic activities

Other U.S. Flag and Patriotic Activity Links

US Flag to Color from coloringcastle.com

A Red, White and Blue Bracelet Craft  from dltk-kids.com

I Am Proud to be an American..,Writing Assignment from abcteach.com

Patriotic Crafts from Danielle"s Place of Crafts

Patriotic Songs Fill in the blank. This worksheet is from familyeducation.com (pdf. file)

Star Template from a.familyfun.go.com

Also check links under Memorial Day and 4th of July for other patriotic activities and crafts

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