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Coloring Pages #4

Free coloring pages of health and safety, food, science, ecology, and the environment.

Bible Coloring


Book Characters and Make Believe

Health and Safety

Letters, Numbers, Shapes, and Colors



Science, Ecology and Environment





Famous People

People and Places

Dot-to-Dot & Color by Letter or Number

Flowers, Plants, Trees, and Scenic    


Health and Safety

Danger Ranger Safety Coloring Sheets from dangerrangers.com

Freddie Fox Gets His Chickenpox Shots A nine page coloring and activity book about going to the doctor to get immunizations


My trip to the Hospital Coloring Book (pdf download)


Bathroom Safety (electrical appliances) from dangerrangers.com


Home Safety Activity Book from safekids,org

Smarty Electric Coloring Book Children can learn about safety and electricity and Solar Energy with these coloring books from energyquest.ca.gov

Safety Bear Coloring Book  Covers several safety categories such as bike safety, boat safety, school bus safety, personal safety, and more. This is from Alaska State Troopers

Billy and Maria Learn About Weather Safety A safety coloring book from the National Severe Storms Laboratory. There are several weather coloring books and worksheets at this page

Disney Disaster Preparedness Activity Book  Spanish Version


Fire Safety Coloring Pages Pages are in English and Spanish from safekids.org


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Food Pictures to Color
from coloringbookfun.com

Food Coloring Pages from Preschool Coloring Book

Food Patterns and Coloring from abcteach.com


Orbiting Oranges Activity Book from sunkist.com

Farm Service Agency Coloring Book   


Farm Service Agency Coloring Book in Spanish


FSA Alphabet of Farm Fresh Foods


Food Safety Activity Book For upper grades from USDA


Keep it Clean Song and Coloring


Food and Drink Coloring These are from Color Me Good




Flowers, Plants, Trees and Scenes

Flowers and a Few Trees
from kids-pages.com


Nature and Outdoors Coloring These are from Color Me Good





Science, Ecology, and Environment

A Solar System Coloring Book


Help the Environment from nih.gov



Thirstin's Water Adventure Scroll down to last link under "Games and Activities"(15 pages) from epa.gov



Coloring Book for Smokey's Friends 


Color the Coral Reef  Scroll down to Coral Reef Activity Book. This is from noaa.gov


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle   Three coloring books about recycling


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Miscellaneous Coloring Pages


Simple Coloring Pages for Young Children from learning-years.com


Farm Service Agency Coloring Books


The Olive Tree by Vincent VanGogh Click - go to printable page. This is from  artsmia.com



Quilt Designs for Coloring  Children will enjoy coloring these patterns


Stained Glass Designs These stained glass designs make excellent coloring pictures from colebrothers.com

Preschool Coloring from Fisher Price Cute pictures to color of children, animals, and more


More Coloring Pages and Other Activities from Fisher Price


Kendra's Coloring Book
Click on the name of a picture. Then click the hand below each picture to print out and color 



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