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Make a Folded Book  
This page has information on how to make a no-staple-book from one sheet of paper.

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Make a little book that requires no stapling. The book has five pages. You can make it larger by using a larger sheet of paper.

1.You will need a piece of copy or computer paper and a pair of scissors. You can use larger paper to make a larger book.

Print this pattern with the fold lines marked. It is the same as the one in the photos.

2.Fold the paper in half as shown on the photo. If it is a printed book, the print should be showing.

3. Unfold the paper. Printed part will not show.
4.Now fold the paper in half the other direction. Keep the paper folded. (The printed side will show)

5. Now fold in half again as shown in the photo.

6. Unfold the last fold and cut from the folded side to the center fold line.
7. Your paper should look like the photo.
8. Open the paper as shown in the photo. If  it is printed, print side should be up.


9. Now fold the paper down so the part you cut is on the top. If it is a printed book the title page should be up. (Turn the folded page if necessary.)
10. Push the book to the center. This makes the pages. Fold the book so that the cover page is like the cover photo below.

11. Line up the pages and crease your book. (cover page should be on top. Now you are ready to write in it or read it.

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No-Staple Book

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No-Staple Book

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